Hi and thanks for stopping by! This ongoing collection of work is from fantastic opportunities that keep taking me to places I never dreamed I'd see. I grew up just south of Chicago, then moved to the beautiful Outer Banks of North Carolina. In 2006 I visited Melbourne, Australia and didn't board the return flight home. After a few years with the Aussies I moved to Reykjavik, Iceland--just in time for a financial crash, an epic volcano adventure--and came back to frozen Chicago, which is actually far colder than Iceland. Now I'm settled and finally thawing out in sunny Los Angeles. In between I've stopped in Mexico, Copenhagen, London, and spent heaps of time in the north of Sweden and Finland. 

I've had outstanding luck to have met amazing people everywhere I've been, and to see some of the most beautiful places on Earth. I feel I've left a little piece of my heart behind in each place, and the photos here help me reconnect with those wonderful people and special memories; I hope you enjoy them.

If you're interested in booking a shoot with me, please message me directly for rates. I don't do weddings anymore, but I am all in for your creative shoot ideas!